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You only get one chance to make a first impression

Inside Concepts provides interior design and property styling services that enhance, revitalise, or completely transform your space, creating aspirational environments that appeal to target markets effectively selling your home/investment quickly and for an optimum price.

You only have one chance to make a first impression, and people do judge a book by its cover.  Real estate is the same, and a good first impression is VITAL.

"Aspirational styling creates an emotional response to engage buyers to realise your homes full potential effectively optimising your selling price. It has become an important part of the selling process and campaign simply because, it works." 

Lisa Breen, Director Inside Concepts

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With an increasingly competitive market, its become even more important to STAND OUT in the online crowd.  In an age where the majority of buyers do their research on the internet, the photos have to do a lot of talking.  Images of beautifully styled homes play a huge role in attracting buyers attention.


Be Market Ready with Style

Inside Concepts will design a styling package for your home, to bring out its full potential and create a desirable space that sells a lifestyle for your buyer. 

We will furnish your home with premium furnishings and original artworks that will enhance your property to achieve its optimum selling price. 

Our aim is to transform each space into an unforgettable experience.  With a relentless passion for sourcing designer furnishings our experienced creative team are here to help you take the stress out of presenting your home/investment to the market.

Maximising your sale price by creating aspirational spaces

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Professional Home Staging for Agents, Developers and Homeowners

Consultation - We will schedule an onsite visit and discuss potential design and space objectives, as well as budget goals.

Proposal - Our proposal will include a recommended furnishings list, quotation and dates.

Staging - Once we've received the signed proposal, we will schedule your staging.  We generally stage in one to three days depending on the overall scope of the project.  Our standard contract period is 6 weeks with options to extend.

Removal - Once you've scheduled your closing, we will arrange for the removal of the staging.  Removal is typically completed in one day.

Please contact us for a free quote and consultation.  

Free Property Styling Consultation

Ph 0426 969 950